24 April 2013

Happy Administrative Professionals Day - Airs April 24th

Gladys by Kimberly Reinhardt
Mine Clearer by Sandy Tolan
Long after the fighting ended in Kosovo in 1999, the people of the region are still struggling to free themselves from the legacy of war. Thousands of landmines and unexploded bombs remain in farmers' fields, in forests, along roadsides. Valdet Dule is a Kosovar whose job is to find and detonate those explosives. Until the land is safe, he says, his people won't be able to realize their dream of independence.

Chocolate Tester by Jon Miller
The New York Times called ChloĆ© Doutre-Roussel a "goddess." Chocolate guru Martin Christy compares her to Joan of Arc. As a freelance chocolate expert, she is in great demand around the world—not just because of her extraordinary palate but because of her brutal honesty. "Diplomacy is not one of my known traits," she confesses. Nor is self-satisfaction. Globetrotting chocolate taster may be many people's idea of the best job in the world, but Doutre-Roussel says it has its drawbacks.

Human Smuggler by Gregory Warner
For most Afghan refugees, fleeing the war-torn country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For Alidad, it's a job. He's spent 30 years smuggling Afghans on a secret nighttime passage through the mountains of western Pakistan into Iran. Sometimes he finds out too late they can't handle the journey. "We go when it's raining, when it's snowing. People fall of the mountain, people die," he says. "I have a lot of sad memories."

More audio and pictures from the WORKING series can be found at Homelands Productions. For information about Administrative Professionals Day you can visit here!

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