25 March 2013

Musical Lives - Aird March 25th

Musicians Guide to Warming Up by David Schulman
World class musicians discuss their technique of warming up their instruments - from opera singers, bluegrass twangers, to concert pianists. Check out more of David Schulman’s musician profiles at NPR.

Gary Nuñez by David Schulman
Sound profile of Puerto Rican bassist Gary Nuñez about the rhythms of the Plena, a near-forgotten Latin dance which his band has revived. This piece is from the series Musicians In Their Own Words; all about their approach to the musical craft.

Sounds of Democracy by Elizabeth Chur
A sound collage of a public library in Portland, Maine. You'd think it be pretty quiet with hints of shushing - but this library provides much more than just books. Elizabeth tells us about a community coming together around a free-to-use piano in a public space.

The Gift of Music from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
The volunteer choral group, Evensong, specializes in singing the last music their audience will ever hear. This is because they sing to people on their deathbed as a part of the hospice volunteers of Hancock County. We follow the group as it prepares to sing for a cancer patient on Mount Desert Island.

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