06 March 2013

Fair Trade - Airs March 6th

Does Fair Trade Coffee Work? by Julie Grant
If you've gotten used to paying the higher prices of specialty coffees, then the prices associated with Fair Trade coffee seem appropriate. But some people argue that the artificial market of Fair Trade is not sustainable and that Fair Trade coffee doesn't necessarily mean good coffee.

Global Mamas by Michelle Alimoradi
Global Mamas is a nonprofit organization that imports colorful clothing and handmade products from a women's cooperative in Ghana. Peace Corps volunteers Kristen Johnson and Renee Adam founded the fair trade co-op to help promote economic independence for African women and their families. The Global Mamas network of producers has grown from six founding members in 2004, to nearly 500 producers in nine communities.

The Amias Project by Dan Greenwood
Nicole Smagleck has traveled extensively to Tanzania and East Africa. During one trip, she met an elder tribal woman who suggested she bring Tanzanian handcrafts and jewelry back to Minnesota. Nicole did just that, founding the the Amias Project and Another Land -- two companies that promote Fair Trade and help support the Barabaig tribe.

Eco-Palms by Daniel Ruth
In Christian churches everywhere, folks observe Palm Sunday by waving about actual palm fronds. But where do those palms come from? Who grows them? And in a world where everything has some monetary value, who benefits from the countless number of palms at all those church services? Ruth says not all palms are created equally and that some speak more loudly than others to the true meaning of the celebration. His organization, Lutheran World Relief, works with the University of Minnesota Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management to bring Eco-Palms to congregations across the country -- along with social and environmental justice to the world.

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