02 January 2013

Teenage Suicide - Airs Jan 2nd

Don't Do Anything to Yourself by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock 
Alaska Natives have the highest suicide rates in the country, but a program that enables teens to mentor their peers is working to stop the trend. The Natural Helpers program provides help in the Lower Yukon school district, but other regions in the state are looking at the program's success. Every year the kids hold retreats to train the next wave of Natural Helpers. We'll listen-in on a retreat in the village of Hooper Bay.

Into a Million Pieces from Youth Radio Vermont
How does a parent cope with losing a child? In October of 2003, John Halligan was faced with this heart-wrenching question after receiving the devastating news that his 13-year-old son, Ryan, had committed suicide. Since that time, he has traveled nationwide sharing his son's story in hopes of preventing teen suicide. Rebecca Starr spoke with him about how he copes with the loss of his son.

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