07 November 2012

TR + ER - Airs Nov 7th

The Bull Moose Candidacy from Prairie Public
2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's third party bid to be president. We will look back at Roosevelt's career and how the issues he raised in the 1912 campaign are still at the center of today's political debates. Roosevelt scholar Clay Jenkinson (known to some for "The Thomas Jefferson Hour") is featured along with wax recordings of TR's campaign speeches.

Eleanor Roosevelt on This I Believe by Edward R. Murrow
Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of Teddy Roosevelt, was active in Democratic politics and helped shape her husband's New Deal programs while he was president. She is considered one of the most active and influential First Ladies in U.S. history, she advocated racial equality, women's rights, and world peace. With Eleanor's time, she will speak to us about responsibility.

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