14 November 2012

Bracelets of Grace - Airs Nov 14th

Bracelets of Grace by David Berner
In January of 1968, U.S. Air Force Major Stanley Horne was listed as missing-in-action (MIA) after his fighter-bomber was shot down over Vietnam. Soon after, his name was one of the many engraved on a POW-MIA bracelet. The bracelets made a lasting impression on all those who wore them. Millions were worn by family, friends, supporters and critics of the war alike. It may have been the only item - the only common bond - that crossed the tumultuous political divide at the time.
We will hear recollections from the Californian students who originated the bracelets, those who wore Major Horne’s bracelet, and audio from the personal tapes sent back and forth between Stanley and his family back home in Madison.

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