31 October 2012

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Airs Oct 31st

24 October 2012

The Contenders, Pt. 2 - Airs Oct 24th

Margaret Chase Smith: Cold Warrior in Pearls from Radio Diaries
In 1964, Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman from a major party to run for President. The Republican Senator ran as a staunch hawk and expert on national defense while she handed out muffin recipes at campaign stops.

Shirley Chisholm: The Politics of Principle from Radio Diaries

In 1972, Shirley Chisholm launched a spirited campaign for the Democratic nomination. She was the first woman and first African American to run. Declaring herself “unbossed and unbought,” she took on the political establishment as the candidate of “all the people.”

Gracie Allen: The Joke That Became a Campaign from Radio Diaries

In 1940 the United States was just emerging from the shadow of the Great Depression and war loomed in Europe. Into these serious times stepped Gracie Allen, part of the popular comic duo Burns and Allen, who launched a campaign for President. Allen’s ‘Surprise Party’ began as a publicity stunt, but during a whistle-stop tour across the country the campaign took on a life of its own.

Alben Barkley: The “Veep” by Radio Diaries from Radio Diaries

Barkley served in Congress for close to 40 years and was Harry Truman’s vice president from 1948-1952. Though he wanted to be President himself, Barkley never made it to the pinnacle of power. Only 14 VP’s have gone on to the presidency; the majority have, for the most part, lapsed into relative obscurity once their term was over. Barkley, too, might have been forgotten except for two things: His nickname and the remarkable circumstance of his death.

17 October 2012

The Contenders - Airs Oct 17th

Victoria Woodhull: The First Woman to Run for President from Radio Diaries
In the 19th century, Victoria Woodhull was many things: a clairvoyant, a businesswoman, an advocate for women’s rights and sexual freedom, and a magnet for media attention and scandal. Her 1872 campaign for president came at a time when most women did not even have the right to vote.

William Jennings Bryan: The Speech That Changed Politics from Radio Diaries
At the 1896 Democratic Convention, Bryan gave a speech that electrified his party and won him the nomination. His “Cross of Gold” speech is known today as one of the most important oratorical performances in American history.

Adlai Stevenson: A Candidate in the Age of Television from Radio Diaries
The 1952 presidential campaign pitted the immensely popular General Dwight D. Eisenhower against the ferociously intellectual and intensely private Adlai Stevenson. It was an election fought on a new battleground: television.

10 October 2012

Bon Voyage - Airs Oct 10th

Bon Voyage by Julia Scott
Paul Perkovic and his husband, Eric Trefelner, have lived in style for 36 years. When they find out that Paul has inoperable pancreatic cancer, they decide he should go out in style, too. Eric plans a lavish, quarter million-dollar “Bon Voyage” party at a fine arts museum in San Francisco. Paul and Eric aren’t just planning a party; they’re trying to choreograph a death. But the couple soon discovers that death has its own agenda. Come along with the Listening Lounge on this intimate and emotional journey of a same-sex couple coping with mortality. 

This I Believe by Nancy Yucius
Nancy's life creed has taken on special meaning now that she is battling colon cancer.

03 October 2012

Do You Want To Know A Secret? - Aired Sept 26th

Secrets and Noise byAmy Conger
Audio experiment in amplifying the noises that often get ignored. Come closer & listen up.
Secrets by Love + Radio
Stories about secrets, Babar, adoption, and so many more secrets waiting to be discovered. Features Ben Popik, Harlyn Aizley, and Frank Warren of the Post Secret project.