29 August 2012

State Fair Midway - Airs Aug 29th

The Greatest Minnesota Athlete To Run On Four Legs from MN90
One of Minnesota's greatest athletes was Dan Patch, a harness horse from the turn of the 20th century. Yep, one of the main drags at the state Fair is named after him. But very few of us actually remember who he is.

Great Pumpkins from Next Generation Radio
A story of people who dream about pumpkins... pumpkins that weigh over a thousand pounds. Lindsey Larson went to an annual pumpkin weigh-off in Toppsfield, Massachusetts.

Do What You Fear And Fear Disappears by Sarah Boothroyd
Sarah visits a "fun house" for some screams, thoughts on fear, spooky music, and more screams.

A Nighttime Fair Audio Collage by Jason Rayles
Every fair is essentially two separate events - one bright and sunny - full of cuddly animals and babies; the other dark, hormone-fueled and ambiguously dangerous full of oddballs, oddities, misfits, and shysters. We’re visiting the later.

Fireworks from Mystery Solved
Everything you ever wanted to know about fireworks, in two minutes.

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