08 August 2012

Couscous and Cultural Diplomacy - Airs Aug 8th

Couscous and Cultural Diplomacy by Andrea Wenzel
What's it like to be the only Muslim in the only US town named after an Arab Muslim? Frederique Boudouani certainly knows. He & the town of Elkader, Iowa felt the impact of September 11th in unique ways.  That's partly because Elkader was named after a 19th century Algerian jihadist named Emir Abd el-Qader. Since the "War on Terror" began, some residents have wanted to change the town's name, but others have been drawn to explore the town’s Algerian connection -- including Frederique & his parter, Brian. This openly gay couple that decided that it'd be a great idea to start an Algerian-American restaurant on Elkader's Main Street. Our story charts their adventures with cultural adaptation, American identity, and small town politics.

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