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State Fair Midway - Airs Aug 29th

The Greatest Minnesota Athlete To Run On Four Legs from MN90
One of Minnesota's greatest athletes was Dan Patch, a harness horse from the turn of the 20th century. Yep, one of the main drags at the state Fair is named after him. But very few of us actually remember who he is.

Great Pumpkinsfrom Next Generation Radio
A story of people who dream about pumpkins... pumpkins that weigh over a thousand pounds. Lindsey Larson went to an annual pumpkin weigh-off in Toppsfield, Massachusetts.

Do What You Fear And Fear Disappears by Sarah Boothroyd
Sarah visits a "fun house" for some screams, thoughts on fear, spooky music, and more screams.

A Nighttime Fair Audio Collageby Jason Rayles
Every fair is essentially two separate events - one bright and sunny - full of cuddly animals and babies; the other dark, hormone-fueled and ambiguously dangerous full of oddballs, oddities, misfits, and shysters. We’re visiting the later.

Fireworks from Mystery Solved
Everything you …

Schwartz Celebration, Pt. 2 - Airs Aug 22nd

Part two of our tribute to tape hobbyist, media guru, sound designer, and pioneering advertising theorist,Tony Schwartz.Mr. Schwartz would have celebrated his 89th birthday this past weekend; he died in 2008.
Sounds of My City by Tony Schwartz
We'll hear an agoraphobic expressing his love for his zip code. Released on Folkways Records in 1956, Sounds of My City was an audio snapshot of NYC; full of vivid scenes that documented modern life. Tony narrates the album parsing into loosely organized sections and painting us a portrait of urban splendor and diversity. At the root of the album, it's an aural love letter.

"The best thing about radio is that people were born without earlids. You can't close your ears to it." - Tony Schwartz

Schwartz Celebration, Pt. 1 - Airs Aug 15th

If you love people who love radio, don't miss this show. It's a profile of "the wizard of sound," Tony Schwartz, an innovative and inspired sound gatherer. Mr. Schwartz would have been celebrating his 89th birthday on August 19th; he died in 2008.
Favorite Sounds by Tony Schwartz

From the Recorded Sounds Reference Center at the Library of Congress, we'll hear Tony asking speakers from the Jewish Guild for the Blind to describe their favorite sounds. A montage of recordings of some of these sounds follows.

30,000 Recordings Later
by The Kitchen Sisters For over 55 years Tony assembled a vast collection of audio-visual materials from other folklorists all around the world. Along with collecting tape he recorded a lot too - a genuine radio pioneer. He is said to have created the first portable tape recorder. Schwartz’s life-long interest in people, events, and music led him to record hours of the sounds of urban life. The Kitchen Sisterscomb through that vast coll…

Couscous and Cultural Diplomacy - Airs Aug 8th

Couscous and Cultural Diplomacyby Andrea Wenzel What's it like to be the only Muslim in the only US town named after an Arab Muslim? Frederique Boudouani certainly knows. He & the town of Elkader, Iowa felt the impact of September 11th in unique ways.  That's partly because Elkader was named after a 19th century Algerian jihadist namedEmir Abd el-Qader. Since the "War on Terror" began, some residents have wanted to change the town's name, but others have been drawn to explore the town’s Algerian connection -- including Frederique & his parter, Brian. This openly gay couple that decided that it'd be a great idea to start anAlgerian-American restaurant on Elkader's Main Street. Our story charts their adventures with cultural adaptation, American identity, and small town politics.

Yours, Anne - Airs Aug 1st

Anne Frank left behind a stunning document which has provided the world a powerful reminder of the horrors of war. Thematurity, sensitivity, and courage displayed within the pages also serve as a testament to the human spirit.
August 1st, 1944 is the last entry in the diary. We will mark the occasion by playing selections from an album released by CMS Records in 1968. Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl is read for us by Elinor (Basescu) Randal and was produced by Leon Golovner. Initially, Anne wrote her diary strictly for herself. Then, one day in 1944, a member of the Dutch government in exile, announced that he hoped to collect eyewitness accounts of the suffering of the Dutch people under the German occupation. As an example, he specifically mentioned letters and diaries. Anne decided that when the war was over she would publish a book based on her diary. Because she did not survive, the task fell instead to her father. Anne's diary has now been published in more than 60 d…