24 July 2012

Girl Fight - Airs July 25th

Teen Contender from Radio Diaries
Boxing has been an Olympic sport since the time of the ancient Greeks. But only men have taken part. This year, that changes. For the first time ever, women will step into the ring at the 2012 summer Olympics in London. One of the contenders is 16-year old Claressa Shields, a junior at Northwestern High School in Flint, Michigan. We follow Claressa as she prepares for her Olympic trial.

Kicking Ass and Changing Names by Shea Shackelford
Amanda Storm (A.K.A. The Queen of Pain, The Storm Bringer, The Black Widow) is a woman wrestler in Maine, but she is also known as Alexandra at her day job as a truck driver. After 10 years chasing bright lights and bruises from coast to coast, Amanda figured out a few things about professional wrestling along with herself. Now 40, wrestling mostly in the state of Maine, she’s doing things her own way.

Boulder County Bombers by Maeve Conran

We'll end with a profile of The Boulder County Bombers from Boulder Colorado's first all girl Roller Derby League. The Bombers were started in August 2011 by Courtney MacArthur, or Bev’Olution as she’s known on the track. After a quick overview of the sport and rules, you'll hear that Roller Derby is not a sport for the faint of heart.

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