05 June 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Voicemail From My Ex by Catherine Spangler
You know the kind. They usually come in the middle of the night, when you're sound asleep. Suddenly the phone rings. Dare you answer? It's been months since you last spoke. Better to let it go through to voicemail...

Duo Twins by Seth Lind
Saul and Joshua are a surprising pair forging an unlikely friendship. Saul is short and thick, a tough, self-taught, middle-aged Guatemalan rhythm guitarist. Joshua is a young, tall, soft-spoken, almost frail, American banjo plucker. Saul is a veteran of the trains, and rescued Joshua from the poverty of platform-playing. Together they are Duo Twins, a joke name playing on how different they look - though the Twins gel together beautifully. They play mostly Latin standards though they have a fresh sound to them because of the combination of Joshua's virtuoso plucking with Saul's solid strum and charisma. But could the differences that make their music beautiful eventually tear the duo apart?

Excerpt from the Break-Up Project by Megan Hall
Over dinner one night, a pair of friends commiserated about their recent breakups -- laughing about the difficulty of navigating social circles and small town rumor mills. The joke grew into a full hour-long audio presentation featuring the break up stories of over 20 Providence residents.

Listening Lounge - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Promo by micahnathaniel

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