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Anarchy In The New Way - Airs June 27th

Governing the Occupation by Frances Harlow With a 24-year-old USM student as our guide, we learn about Occupy Maine's encampment in Lincoln Park and its accompanying infrastructure. Like many of the solidarity demonstrations across the nation and globe, Occupy Maine governs by consensus, meaning that everyone has to agree on every decision. Obviously, this is a slow process.

To Dream an Anarchist's Dream
by Mary Rose Madden In this story, we hear the hopes and aspirations of one Maryland anarchist group: to open a shop where everything is totally free. The Baltimore Freestore is based on the radical idea that we can live in a free society, if we come together as one community. Despite some ideological struggles, the Freestore has been a great success. As we'll hear, it takes a lot of work to live out the Freestore's philosophy - though it may fail by anarchism's standards.

Teenage Anarchist from City High Radio
A youth produced piece from City High School in Tucson, …

Summer Solstice - Airs June 20th

Sun Tunnelsby Scott Carrier
Scott marks the solstice by spending the night inside a gigantic concrete tube. Specifically, an obscure art installation called the Sun Tunnels in a very remote part of the Utah desert.

Poke Stick Scrape Dumpby Bill Palladino
Bill recounts his first summer job in this rhythmic essay. It was mundane, repetitive work. It was picking up garbage at a drive-in movie theater.

Showing the Gardenby Ruth Draper
Finally, monologue from the talented Ruth Draper; An English lady of somewhat advanced middle age guides her visitor into her garden. As they move down the pathway from one bed of flowers to another, they pause at each as she explains that nothing is at its best. Such a shame, too, because her Glubjullas, Seccalikums and other highly unusual flora are usually so exquisite."People come from far and wide, and they all agree they have never seen finer Glubjullas than mine."

Listening Lounge - Summer Solstice Promo by micahnathaniel

Here There Is No Moon - Airs June 13th

A college student leaps from a bridge, a young mother walks into a lake, a widow clings to a ledge. Impulse. Depression. Illness. Grief. “Here There Is No Moon,” produced by Susan Stone, is a portrait of the suicidal mind from the perspective of those who have survived the bullet, the bottle, the jump --and those who have helped in rescue and intervention. There is the limbo in which some live: Why am I still here? Will I try again? Can I resume the life I almost left? For others, there is relief in having a second chance at life. And then there are the doctors, philosophers, counselors, and poets who grapple with suicide as epidemic, violence, and siren song. But the fundamental question remains: Why does one commit suicide, while another does not? No one really knows the answer -- but we'll hear true stories from those who just might.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Voicemail From My Exby Catherine Spangler
You know the kind. They usually come in the middle of the night, when you're sound asleep. Suddenly the phone rings. Dare you answer? It's been months since you last spoke. Better to let it go through to voicemail...

Duo Twins by Seth Lind
Saul and Joshua are a surprising pair forging an unlikely friendship. Saul is short and thick, a tough, self-taught, middle-aged Guatemalan rhythm guitarist. Joshua is a young, tall, soft-spoken, almost frail, American banjo plucker. Saul is a veteran of the trains, and rescued Joshua from the poverty of platform-playing. Together they are Duo Twins, a joke name playing on how different they look - though the Twins gel together beautifully. They play mostly Latin standards though they have a fresh sound to them because of the combination of Joshua's virtuoso plucking with Saul's solid strum and charisma. But could the differences that make their music beautiful eventually tear the duo apart?