22 May 2012

Desperate Measures - Airs May 23rd

Back From the Dead from Long Haul Productions
The Chicago Recovery Alliance has been distributing a drug
called Naloxone which is designed to reverse heroin overdoses. It’s been used for years by paramedics and in emergency rooms to save lives - but they are now putting it on the street. The idea is for a drug user to be able to save a fellow user’s life by injecting Naloxone whenever and wherever an overdose occurs. Since the program started, hundreds of "deaths" have been reversed.

When All Else Fails from Long Haul Productions

A first-person account of a man undergoing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock. Rob MacGruder tells of his lifelong battle with bipolar disorder and how ECT has repeatedly saved his life. The story follows MacGruder for almost a year as he falls into a severe depression, undergoes a series of ECT treatments and gradually recovers. During that time, MacGruder loses his job, and loses his children to the state.

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