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Inner Monologue - Airs May 30th

Cogito Ergo Sumby Amy Conger An abstract sound collage dealing with questioning identity, the passing of time in the mind, and our mental states. This audio was originally accompanied an installation piece which can be seen here.
Tracesby Judith Weber An interview with sound artist, who works with biofeedback music, takes a strange turn and becomes an audio attempt to trace thought.
Everybody Scream!!! from The Truth Warm up that saddle and pick up the pace, we are going inside the minds of two very competitive women... in spin class!!!

Desperate Measures - Airs May 23rd

Back From the Dead from Long Haul Productions
The Chicago Recovery Alliance has been distributing a drug called Naloxone which is designed to reverse heroin overdoses. It’s been used for years by paramedics and in emergency rooms to save lives - but they are now putting it on the street. The idea is for a drug user to be able to save a fellow user’s life by injecting Naloxone whenever and wherever an overdose occurs. Since the program started, hundreds of "deaths" have been reversed.

When All Else Failsfrom Long Haul Productions
A first-person account of a man undergoing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock. Rob MacGruder tells of his lifelong battle with bipolar disorder and how ECT has repeatedly saved his life. The story follows MacGruder for almost a year as he falls into a severe depression, undergoes a series of ECT treatments and gradually recovers. During that time, MacGruder loses his job, and loses his children to the state.

Working With Studs - Airs May 16th

Working With Studsfrom Transom Radio May 16th would have been Studs Terkel's 100th Birthday. He died in 2008. As a tribute we'll be airing an hour-long documentary about what it was like to work WITH Mr. Terkel.
For many years, Transom editor Sydney Lewis worked side by side with Studs on his radio show and his books. For this hour, produced in a seamless blend of documentary and reminiscence, Syd brought together a crew of Studs’ co-workers who, in turn, brought great stories, along with wonderful previously-unheard tape of Studs himself. Sydney is an oral historian, and like Studs, not a skilled technician, but she overcame her fear of digital recorders and ProTools in order to craft this lovely eulogy to American’s greatest listener. 

You can listen to the entire documentary right here:

Birth - Airs May 9th

Birth by Thin Air Media
This week in the Listening we'll be airing a special hour-long documentary about the practices and perceptions of birth in America. Starting with early observations, we move through the process of birth beginning before labor, continuing during labor, and following the actual event. The act of giving birth will be examined with a multiplicity of voices woven with sound from an emotional, physical and philosophical perspective.

Download or stream the entire documentary: LISTEN

Make Your Voice Heard

There is a yearly conflict that anglers struggle with here in Minnesota -- it's choosing between the opening of fishing season and Mother's Day. The guilt of missing a visit with your dear mom to go cast a rod and reel is intense. This year and the next three years, Mother's Day will again fall on opening weekend of the fishing season. The question we're proposing to you on our Facebook page is this: Which event should we honor on the next episode of KFAI's Listening Lounge?

Police Tape - Airs May 2nd

It’s been 20 years since four white police officers were cleared of unlawfully beating Rodney King in LA. But we might never have heard of Rodney King had it not been for an amateur cameraman who caught the whole thing on tape. In a special radio adaptation of the film “Police Tape,” we will hear how video cameras have changed the way we see the police. Journalist Josh Wolf investigates how law enforcement and amateur videographers across the country have responded to changing technologies. Police Tape was produced by Making Contact.

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