24 April 2012

Save The World - Airs April 25th

Be A Hero. Save The World.
Energy Brat from Youth Radio
Antony Jauregu√≠ grew up in sunny Southern California, and has never worried much about where energy comes from and how much he uses. But on a trip to his parents’ hometown in Mexico, he begins to question why he never considers his own energy consumption.

Clean Dirt by Abby Wendle
Kris Gosney and her husband were like most of their neighbors in northwestern Oklahoma: conventional farmers relying heavily on chemicals to produce their crops. But fifteen years ago, in an effort to weather a difficult economic moment in agriculture, they stumbled into organic farming.

Forest to Desert by Sarah Boothroyd
An audio doodle inspired by the phrase: "Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert."
An aural art piece that entwines natural, found, and sampled sound together to blow your mind. Produced for and winner of the Third Coast Festival's Short Docs Challenge: Radio Ephemera. 

The Mystery of the Mad Minnows from Power Records
Jimmy Olsen has been attacked by an immense flounder and, according to Lois Lane, millions of fish at Crystal Beach seems to be going "mad." Sounds like a job for SUPERMAN!!
Hopefully, the Man of Steel can get to the bottom of this bizarre caper through ridiculous discussions with our earth brethren -- the dolphins. Audio drama written by
A. Rsenick and S.Murray and released on Power Records in 1975.

16 April 2012

As Read By The Author - Airs April 18th

Jack Kerouac Tuning-in
That's right, you angelheaded hipsters who listen to hydrogen jukeboxes, it's National Poetry Month!
We love poetry here in The Listening. Since I've been on board we've dedicated whole shows to Edgar Allen Poe, Gil Scott-Heron, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Allen Ginsberg and have sprinkled many poems in episodes between our features.
Well, to celebrate National Poetry Month this year we're going hear poems from National Book Award winner Robert Bly, Beat Generation
pioneer Jack Kerouac, Grammy winner Shel Silverstein, and Poet Laureate Billy Collins (and whoever else I can fit in) all read by the author. Tune-in Wednesday night at 6:30pm on 90.3fm

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09 April 2012

The Church of Baseball - Airs April 11th

Red Barber on This I Believe by Edward R. Murrow
Murrow hosted a program titled This I Believe which aired from 1951 to 1955. The series presented the personal philosophies of thoughtful men and women in all walks of life. In this installment, Brooklyn Dogers sportscaster Red Barber speaks about his spirituality.

Church and Baseball by Jay Allison
You're supposed to be a good dad... or at least you try. That means (even if you don't much want to) taking yer kids places and doing stuff together. While attending a spring training game with his brood, producer Jay Allison discovers that "like in church, tradition is all around you." Allison contemplates the "comforting rituals" in both stadium and chapel -- and the allure of each for his children.

Me and Hank by Sandy Tolan
The story of a boy and his hero, home run champion Hank Aaron, and an exploration of the hatred Aaron endured in chasing a white man's record. Growing up in Milwaukee, Sandy Tolan worshiped Aaron and as "The Hammer" approached his record-breaking homer, Tolan sent his hero a well-wishing letter. To Sandy's surprise, Aaron wrote back and twenty-five years later, Tolan finally got to meet his idol face to face.