13 March 2012

The Voices of Vern Nash - Airs March 14th

The Voices of Vern Nash by Thelon Oeming
How many times do we try to avoid eye contact with some mentally disturbed person on the street or in a train station shouting at their tormenting demons?  Well, the day Thelon moved into an apartment in a working class area of Toronto, he saw a hunched-back man shouting to himself in the middle of the street. Soon after, the sounds of an accordion filled the air and Thelon discovered that this tormented man was Vern Nash, his new neighbor. As a radio producer Thelon’s first instincts were to record Vern. Then he thought maybe he could even help him. Here is a daring story about the contact of two people who live in different worlds yet just across the street from each other. We played a truncated version of this program some time back -- this time around we're going to let the whole simply told and profoundly human tale unwind on air for you.

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