21 March 2012

Star Hustlers - Airs March 21st

Welcome to the Star Party by Ashley Cleek
The story is about a dark night sky festivals at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. Dark Sky Festivals started around a decade ago, as park rangers and astronomers noticed that light pollution was slowly diminishing the night sky, causing the stars to disappear. But further research has shown that light pollution also disrupts animals' circadian rhythms, altering feeding times and in turn ratios of predator and prey. In addition, scientific studies now show that the disruption of humans' circadian rhythm could be one cause of breast cancer. 

Stellar Guidance
by Tom Niemisto
Celestial bodies are a curious mystery to gaze up at on a summer night.  Human cultures have a long history of creating stories and myths about the shapes stars seem to take on. Stars also have served a practical purpose for navigators on ocean bound vessels.  With the help of a sextant and nautical chart it is possible to deduce a precise location without the help of GPS devices.  We hear from Captain Samantha Heyman who has used celestial navigation on cross-ocean voyages for years and found the stars to be loyal companions on an often inhospitable ocean. 

Captain Galactic
from Josie Hotlzman
For many, space travel is the stuff of childhood dreams, a fleeting fancy that may lead to a week at space camp or an extensive collection of space adventure movies.  But for retired pharmacist and businessman, Steve LeVerdiere, this is a childhood dream he would never outgrow. Now, with the expansion of the space tourism industry, Steve's dream will finally become a reality.

Besides Life Here
by Molly Graham
What happens when the most important event in your whole life is something thought to be impossible?
When Jack Weiner and Charlie Foltz went fishing something happened that changed who they are forever. The problem is: no one believes them.

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