29 March 2012

It's Pledge Drive! Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Huzzah, it's pledge drive time! Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Please consider opening your wallet just a little to keep awesome stuff on the air at the hippest little radio station in town .

These next two weeks we'll be playing some of the best short pieces from shows over the last year.

You can give us a call at 612-375-9030 and pledge your support for member-supported, independent public radio. Or you can easily contribute at the KFAI website too - be sure to mention "Listening Lounge" as your show of choice!

Last night we played Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by Neille Ilel about Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher throwing a no-hitter while on some not-so-performance-enhancing drugs. This appeared in our Strange But True Baseball Stories episode from last spring. Next, we heard about a different sort of pirate: Indonesian Pirates. A story about dudes with machetes who rob cargo ships from “mic-slinger” Kelly McEvers. And we closed out the show with The Saddest President from our Everyday Blahs show about depression. Nate DiMeo of the Memory Palace schools us on Franklin Pierce's amiable personality and handsome appearance that caused him to make many friends, though he suffered much tragedy in his personal life.


Tune-in next week for more greatest hits AND be sure to pledge your support for great radio!

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