22 February 2012

Indonesian Pirate + Disillusioned Mormon = Feb. 29 show

Tonight we meet Agus Laodi and Whitney Jones. Laodi is an pirate who lives in Indonesia. He sneaks up on ships, holds a knife to the captain's throat and demands money. Sometimes he's successful, sometimes he isn't. Jones, meanwhile, is an American radio producer who recently produced a story about his loss of faith with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Both stories were recently featured on How Sound podcasts, a production of radio producer Rob Rosenthal and PRX. The story on Agus Laodi was created by NPR reporter Kelly McEvers in 2008. In this episode of the How Sound podcast, McEvers tells Rosenthal how she's addicted to reporting in dangerous places, usually in the Middle East. The story about Whitney Jones leaving the Mormon church appears in the most recent episode of the How Sound podcast. For those unfamiliar with the excellent How Sound podcast, it's a show dedicated to the back story of great radio storytelling. In short: Rob teaches reporters how to make better radio. Even if you're not a radio producer, it's a great listen.

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