25 January 2012

Under Pressure - Airs Jan 25th

Reality Check by David Schultz
Carolyn, a mother of two, faces a life-altering crisis when, just a few short months out of rehab, a $5,000 check appears in her mailbox. It was more money than she'd ever seen. Obviously, most folks would find this to be a tremendous blessing... but it brings Carolyn right to the brink of relapse.

Second Mom from Radio Rookies
Teenager Sara Martinez assumes a lot of responsibility in her family. Her parents don't speak English - so she serves as translator and their bridge to the English-speaking world. She also helps with household chores and looks after her three younger siblings, including her youngest brother, Diego. Diego was born with autism. Sara knows that taking care of him has forced her to grow up faster than her peers. Sometimes she feels she missed out on being just a regular teenager.

The Other End of the Line by Aaron Henkin
Finally, we take a listen at life on the phone at the Baltimore City Police Department's 911 call center. Working at any call center can be an extremely stressful job; chances are, when the phone rings you'll be dealing with someone who's got a problem. However, this is a phone bank where the callers' problems are about as bad as they can get.

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