28 December 2011

The Wonders of Childhood - Airs Dec 28th

The Magic of Falling Teeth by Sharon Bar-David
First, Sharon takes us to a whimsical world that most of us have probably forgotten. It's filled with fairies and wiggly teeth.

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
We'll close the program with a bedtime story read by Basil Rathbone. A story from The Happy Prince and Other Tales published by Wilde in 1888. A giant erects a wall to keep children out of his garden, reaping the consequences of a continuous winter.

21 December 2011

Kidnap Radio - Airs Dec. 21
Independent producer Annie Correal describes the tragedy behind the documentary Kidnap Radio: "I was 19 when my father was kidnapped in Colombia. It was 1999. My mother came to my college campus to deliver the news and I flew to Bogota to be with my family for a few weeks. (My mother is American, my father’s Colombian and they divorced when I was 5.) After that, except for brief trips for a wedding and a funeral, I didn’t go back to the country where I was born until I traveled there to report this piece in the spring of 2009." To learn more about Kidnap Radio and producer Annie Correal, check out this story on Transom.

14 December 2011

All in Time - Airs Dec. 14

The clock ticks; the moon waxes; the autumn leaves turn crimson. Time is as ubiquitous as it is elusive. Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself. 

This 25-minute work won the Luc Ferrari International Broadcast Arts Competition and was commissioned by La Muse En Circuit (Centre National de Création Musicale), with the support of Radio Suisse Romande, Deutschlandradio Kultur, RTBF Musiq 3, Groupe de Recherches Musicales, and Radio-France.   

In 2011 
All In Time
 was presented on Radio Suisse Romande in Switzerland, Deutschlandradio Kultur in Germany, as well as at the Archipel Contemporary Music Festival in Geneva, at Festival Extension XI in Paris, at Netaudio London, at Ohrenhoch sound art gallery in Berlin, and at the Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto.  The work recently won a Gold World Medal for Best Sound at the New York Festivals Radio Programming Awards.

09 December 2011

We like the Public Radio Remix.

06 December 2011

Four Failing Lungs - Airs Dec 7th

Four Failing Lungs by Catie Talarski
Last year there were 1,770 lung transplants performed in the United States -- the most ever in a single year.
For a person with Cystic Fibrosis, the transplant may extend life by years. It could however lead to continued suffering and rejection of the new organ.
When most folks are just hitting their stride in their late 20s, Beth and Brian are instead medicating, massaging and coaxing their lungs into lasting as long as possible. Both have end-stage Cystic Fibrosis, and are struggling with decisions about getting a transplant.
Producer Catie Talarski documented Beth and Brian for a year to understand what its like to live with this chronic disease.