16 November 2011

The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt - Airs Nov. 16
This is the baddest, bad ass documentary we've ever aired. It's about a guy who has been shot in the face. He recovered and now runs a strip club out of his Detroit home. Also: He likes to drink tequila and push around reporters by asking for money for interviews. Reporter: "Well, we can't actually pay interview subjects. We're a nonprofit public radio station." Jay Thunderbolt: "C'mon man, I hear you guys selling those tote bags. Can't Jay Thunderbolt get a little tote bag money?" This documentary won a big award at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. We're the first station in the country to air the entire documentary. This is definitely not recommended for young audiences. Listener discretion advised. (Produced and edited by Nick van der Kolk, Brendan Baker and Nick Williams. Originally aired on the Love + Radio podcast.)

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