22 November 2011

Where I'm From - Airs Nov 23rd

Halfrican from Teenage Diaries
Jeff is sixteen and lives with his family in Boston.
He is goofy, smart, and charming. Along with those adjectives, he is also these: black and white and brown. More and more Jeff finds himself thinking about race as he’s confronted with the question, “What are you?” This is his radio diary.

How the West was Won
by Lacy Roberts
Lacy couldn't wait to get out of Montana ...and then she still grappled with her roots when she became an East Coast college freshman. Most of her classmates knew next to nothing about life in her home state: "Are there cities in Montana? Is there an airport there?" However, in time, she started to become really, really, really proud to be from Montana. This change in thinking began with some pretty baffling letters from her grandfather.

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