29 November 2011

A Charlie Brown Listening Lounge - Airs Nov 30th.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! by Kenny Fairris Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas has become a yearly tradition for generations of viewers. We'll explore the history of this program, consider why it communicates so well, and hear about some of the spiritual and artistic influence it has had.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! by Kaye Ballard & Arthur Siegel
Several tracks from the 1962 Columbia Records' "Good Grief, Charlie Brown!" album based entirely on early strips written by Schulz. This recording marked the first time ever that the Peanuts characters were brought to life. It was conceived by Kaye Ballard (as Lucy) with longtime creative partner Arthur Siegel (as Charlie) and produced by the legendary John Hammond. The "music" was created by Fred Karlin. Karlin, an Oscar winner, put together a very odd orchestra of childrens' musical instruments, household objects, and real toys, a concept much imitated afterward.

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