20 September 2011

That Teenage Feeling - Airs Sept 21st

In A Bubble by Hillary Frank
Frank stalks the crowded, noisy school hallways and finds the shy kids. She then amazingly succeeds in getting them to talk about themselves; w
hat it's like to be quiet and why it can be tough. "Some people don't realize I'm there until I leave," says one. These are teens who worry about how their shyness will affect their ability to get dates, talk in front of a class ...all kinds of stuff.

Fire And Ice Cream by Brent Runyon
When Brent was 14, he was badly, badly burned and ended up at Children's National Medical Center's Burn Unit in Washington, DC. Years later, yet with devastating immediacy, he dives back into the mind of that teenager struggling with love and pain. Produced by Jay Allison. Brent's story is taken from the memoir "The Burn Journals."

First Kiss
from Teenage Diaries

Josh is a 17-year old who lives in Manhattan. He has Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable tics and verbal outbursts. So clearly his arrival at summer camp in Bennington, Vermont poses a very unique and thrilling opportunity for a fresh start. Yep, girls, this means you.
The Teenage Diaries series is produced by Joe Richman.

"Pucker lips, slowly open mouth, slowly slide tongue in, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3."

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