14 September 2011

Spirit and Body Willing - Airs Sept. 14
I still remember interviewing a group of elderly people about sexuality. During an interview at a Chicago assisted living facility, one woman said this: "Some people think that when you get old, you don't want to have sex or that you shouldn't have sex. I say if the spirit is there and body is willing, go to it." Others said great stuff too that contributed to a surprising and refreshing documentary titled, "Spirit and Body Willing: Sex Over Age 70." Since the doc was aired in 2003, senior sexuality is receiving more attention from sexuality professionals. I'm happy about that. And I'm still a little surprised we were able to get a candid discussion of female orgasm on the radio (originally Chicago Public Radio) during afternoon drive time. Spirit and Body Willing: Sex Over Age 70 airs on the Listening Lounge at 6:30 p.m. Central Time on KFAI. (Todd Melby)

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