31 August 2011

Celebration of the American Worker - Airs Aug 31st

Gumbuster by Eveylyn Lobardo
People make a living doing all kinds of odd
niche jobs. For instance: need a solution to your gum pollution problem? Here's a New Yorker who has the will and the technology to scrape those pesky gum spots off your pavement.

Rugged And Beautiful by Emily Sapienza
Tools in hand, steel toed boots on their feet, Mildred Santamaa and Dorothy Stone built Liberty Ships during WWII. But don't confuse them with Rosie the Riveter. These South Portland, Maine ladies are tougher.

Cops & Firefighters from WFUV News
Emergency personnel are, of course, needed at all times of the day. This leads to some pretty odd working and waking hours. In this segment, WFUV introduces us to a New York City police officer and a firefighter doing their duty on the late, late, late shift.

Picture Day! by Shea Shackelford
This is a profile of Sterling Hoffman, a paparazzo in the Washington, DC area. Yup, we spend a day in an elementary school with a school-portrait photographer.

Li'l Nipper from The Memory Palace
We are reminded that mines are a terrible place to work, especially if you are nine. A snap shot of one of the worst jobs ever and the horrors of child labor in the early 20th Century.

Li'l Hot Mama by Kate Szrom
Vaudeville entertainer Flossie Turner Lewis reflects on her life, including working with the family act in the minstrel show circuit and finally getting an education.

Have a great holiday. Take a break - you've earned it.

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