19 July 2011

Sink or Swim - Airs July 20
As humidity and heat fills the air, we head to the lake for a nice, cool swim. On this show, we air four stories related to swimming. We begin with Baumgartner's Got Nothing on Charette, the story of one woman's unusual relationship with distance swimming. Her adult son dies, so she hits the water. And later tries to swim the English Channel. It's riveting. And scary. And inspiring. We also air Swimming, a cautionary swimming lesson that covers all the risks -- and none of the pleasure -- of keeping afloat. And then we ease up on the throttle for Dock Jump, an essay about the joys of leaping into the unknown on a pier in northern Minnesota. The fourth story is a surprise. The water is refreshing, join us for a dip on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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