05 July 2011

Ghetto Life 101 - Airs July 6

This is the radio documentary that most producers wished they had created, including me. "Ghetto Life 101" tells the story of two teenagers growing up on Chicago's South Side. But it tells it from their point-of-view. Producer David Isay gave LeAlan Jones and Llyod Newman tape recorders so they could record themselves leaving home in the morning, riding the city bus, fooling around and interviewing their relatives. There are light moments and sad moments. But it all adds up to life. Originally broadcast in 1993 on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio. We'll also air a second Isay documentary: "Witness to an Exectuion," an Isay doc about capital punishment's impact on prison guards.

Listen to an interview with producer David Isay on PRX's Saltcast
A second documentary by Jones and Newman: Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse
Photos, Transcripts and more from Ghetto Life 101
Photos, Transcripts and more from Witness to an Execution

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