25 July 2011

The Dog Days of Summer - Airs July 27th

An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog's Life by
The sound of the first year of the life of a dog; all the people the dog meets and all the situations a dog (and his humans) go through. This recording was broadcast on The CBS Radio Wordshop in 1957 and released on Smithsonian Folkways Records in 1958.

Known as the "wizard of sound," the pioneering Tony Schwartz (August 19, 1923 - June 15, 2008) was an American sound archivist, audio designer, media theorist, and advertising creator. Tony embraced audio tape technology while in its infancy in the 40s, and over the next 55 years assembled a vast collection of audio-visual materials. Schwartz’s life-long interest in people, events, and music led him to record urban soundscapes and to collect similar recordings from other folklorists around the world. Already considered a master of the electronic media, Mr. Schwartz also changed the face of tv advertising by creating socially conscientious campaigns. He developed the nation’s first anti-smoking advert and produced the infamous so-called "Daisy" spot for LBJ’s presidential campaign.

"The best thing about radio is that people were born without earlids. You can't close your ears to it." - Tony Schwartz

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