24 June 2011

SUMMER! - Aired June 22nd

Sun Tunnels by Scott Carrier
Scott marks the solstice by spending the night inside a gigantic concrete tube. Specifically, an obscure art installation called the Sun Tunnels in a very remote part of the Utah desert.

Poke Stick Scrape Dump by Bill Palladino
Bill recounts his first summer job in this rhythmic essay. It was mundane, repetitive work. It was picking up garbage at a drive-in movie theater.

Showing the Garden by Ruth Draper
Finally, monologue from the talented Ruth Draper; An English lady of somewhat advanced middle age guides her visitor into her garden. As they move down the pathway from one bed of flowers to another, they pause at each as she explains that nothing is at its best. Such a shame, too, because her Glubjullas, Seccalikums and other highly unusual flora are usually so exquisite.
"People come from far and wide, and they all agree they have never seen finer Glubjullas than mine."

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