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Iggy & The Stooges: Raw Power - Airs June 29

A new one-hour radio version of the Listening Lounge pays tribute to new Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members, Iggy & the Stooges, and their 1973 album, Raw Power. Listen to how this seminal album was made and how it influenced future generations of punk rockers.

Includes interview clips from three Stooges - Iggy Pop, James Williamson and Sott Asheton and others influenced by them, between tracks like "Search and Destroy," "Gimme Danger" and others from the original album as well as previously unheard outtakes and live recordings. Like the classic quote about the Velvet Underground, it didn’t sell many records at the time, but everyone who bought one started a band.  We hear from three such people -  Henry Rollins (Black Flag / Rollins Band), Mike Watt (Minutemen / Firehose) and Johnny Marr (Smiths / Modest Mouse / 7 Worlds Collide) , who each count this record as a major influence on their own legendary musical careers.  Noted music photographer Mick Rock is als…

SUMMER! - Aired June 22nd

Sun Tunnelsby Scott Carrier
Scott marks the solstice by spending the night inside a gigantic concrete tube. Specifically, an obscure art installation called the Sun Tunnels in a very remote part of the Utah desert.

Poke Stick Scrape Dumpby Bill Palladino
Bill recounts his first summer job in this rhythmic essay. It was mundane, repetitive work. It was picking up garbage at a drive-in movie theater.

Showing the Gardenby Ruth Draper
Finally, monologue from the talented Ruth Draper; An English lady of somewhat advanced middle age guides her visitor into her garden. As they move down the pathway from one bed of flowers to another, they pause at each as she explains that nothing is at its best. Such a shame, too, because her Glubjullas, Seccalikums and other highly unusual flora are usually so exquisite.
"People come from far and wide, and they all agree they have never seen finer Glubjullas than mine."

Your Cabin Primer - Airs June 15th

We'll be spinning some phonography again; an LP titled Voices of the Loon put out by the National Audubon Society and North American Loon Fund in 1980. Many consider this to be THE definitive loon recording (and rumor is that these are the very recordings used in the film On Golden Pond.) First up, a fascinating lesson of our state bird's calls and then we'll dive into some wonderful field recordings at the end of the program. Voices of the Loon was written and produced by William Barklow. Narration and loon call identification is provided by Robert Lurtsema. This recording was re-released in 2007 on Minneapolis' Swallowtail Records. You can order it on compact disc right here.

A Good Death - Airs June 8th

Final Exitby Kelly McEvers
Our first story is a first-person essay from Kelly McEvers about her friend Bob. Bob had terminal cancer and eventually took his own life. After Bob's death, Kelly found a book that covers many aspects of planning and carrying out "self-deliverance" in his apartment. She writes because she wants to raise awareness that if the U.S. had better "death with dignity" laws more people could seek out physician-assisted death in a supportive environment instead of dying alone in a shroud of secrecy.

Bury Me Deepfrom Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
As hospice nurses, Alison Milne and Michael Schooley drive hundreds of miles a day, across two regions of Southern Maine, visiting patients at different stages of the dying process. Both say a person must have a calling to work in hospice. As they transgress the boundaries between the living and the dying, they enter the most intimate of human worlds.

The Art of Dying Well by Hana Baba
Dealing wi…

The Bluesologist - Airs June 1st

We've been known to feature poetry from time to time on the program; this week (as the space shuttle returns to earth*) we'll dedicate our entire episode to "the godfather of rap." Gil Scott-Heron, renowned musician, bluesologist, and revolutionary spoken word poet, died this past Friday at 62. Tune in Wednesday night at 6:30 to 90.3 FM. No, the revolution will not be televised - it'll be on KFAI.

*Timely cogent masterpieces of satire:
Whitey On The Moon & Space Shuttle