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The Vietnam Tapes of Michael A. Baronowski - Airs April 27

In 1966, a young marine took a reel-to reel tape recorder with him into the Vietnam War. For two months, until he was killed in action, Michael Baronowski made tapes of his friends, of life in fighting holes, of combat. 34 years later, his comrade Tim Duffie brought Baronowski's three-inch reels to Lost & Found Sound. The documentary shed light on the experience of that war, and, in some measure, of all wars. It used the power of radio to reveal the heart through the voice and to see in the dark. It combined the rare talent of the late Baronowski as a "correspondent" from the front, the compassion of his dedicated platoon mate Duffie. The documentary won the first Gold Award in the Third Coast Audio Festival competition.

Twitterpated - Airs April 20th

A More Perfect Unionby Eric Molinsky
A look at American self-identity through the medium of online dating services. Culling data from over twenty online dating sites, artist-programmer R. Luke DuBois made his own map of the U.S. with data from 19 million dating profiles. We'll hear who’s shy, who’s bored, who’s got moxie -- and who wants to be spanked.

Lights, Camera... Date! by Todd Bookman
Misrepresentation is simply part of the internet dating game. A few pounds here, a few inches there -- everyone does it. But when Ryan learns that the girl who arrived for the date wasn't even the girl from the profile; he felt things had gone a little too far. PS. 9 million viewers were watching his reaction.

Skit About Computer Datingby Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara
A couple is paired by a computer believing them to be a perfect match - but they think that perhaps there has been a mistake. Recorded live on April 3rd on the Ed Sullivan show in 1966.

Strange But True Baseball Stories - Airs April 13th

Dock Ellis Pitches a No-Noby Neille Ilel
Steroid use in Major League Baseball has muscled back into the headlines as the Barry Bonds' perjury trail jury begins their fourth day of deliberation. But drugs in baseball are certainly nothing new. Dock Ellis tells us about the time in 1970 he pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while on a perhaps-not-so-performance-enhancing drug.

The Potato Ball CaperfromLong Haul Productions
On August 31, 1987, one of baseball's most peculiar plays took place in the minor leagues in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It was a variation of the age-old hidden ball trick, except this time around it actually involved a hidden potato.

Nancy Plays for the Soxby Philip Graitcer
The organ is baseball’s loudest fan, and, like peanuts and hot dogs, hearing the national anthem played on a ballpark organ is baseball tradition... but that’s changing. This season only about half of the major league teams have real live organists. Their sound is being replaced …