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Hitting the Road - Airs Feb. 16

We're hitting the road tonight with three quirky travel pieces. We begin with an exploration of the dark underbelly of Sin City. Producer Scott Carrier hangs out with gamblers in "Las Vegas." After that, we listen in as Jenny Asarnow contemplates vacationing to "somewhere nice" with Amtrak's computerized travel agent. In "Julie the Amtrak God," we hear Jenny and Julie battle it out. Who will win? Human or computer? And then we wrap up the show with producer Jake Warga's bus journey to the West Coast. He talks to fellow travelers or gets fooled by them and visits a friend in jail. (We like the upbeat travel stories!)

Valentine's Day Heartbreak - Airs Feb. 9

Instead of sobbing into your chai this week-before-Valentine's-day, why not revel in the details of other people's love and heartache? Listening Lounge starts off with a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia--complete with wind-up bunnies--then we drop into the StoryCorps booth to hear from a Korean mother about how she learned to say "I love you.". Next, Courtenay Hameister, host of Portland's Live Wire Radio, shares the embarrassing details of her early conversations with boys. We end the hour with a sprinkling of other StoryCorps voices, and an audio collage about growing old together, from the Wandering Jew series. You don't want to miss it.