11 January 2011

Benjamin Franklin's 305th Birthday Spectacular - Airs Jan 12th

Ben Franklin Death Ray from The Memory Palace
What is the coolest thing about Franklin? Very, very hard to say. But perhaps it was the time
that those British were convinced that he was going to arm the French with electrical weapons.

Thirteen Virtues by Ben Franklin
Inspired by Philippians 4:8 the 20-year old Franklin sought to cultivate his character by charting a list of desirable personal behaviors and social traits. He followed the plan in at least some form until he published them in his autobiography at 79. While Ben admitted that he was never able to live the virtues perfectly, he had become a better and happier man for having made the attempt. Download your own Virtues Chart Here.

Ben Franklin In Analysis by Bob Newhart
Comedian Bob Newhart imagines what it would be like to have Franklin stretch out on his psychiatrist couch.

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