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Hiawatha - Airs Nov 24th

That's right, you angelheaded hipsters who listen to hydrogen jukeboxes, we're airing "The Song of Hiawatha!"
Join us this Thanksgiving Eve as we listen to excerpts from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1855 epic poem recorded by Harry Fleetwood in 1956. Though the poem is based partly on both Ojibwe and Scandinavian myths and stories, Longfellow borrowed the name Hiawatha from an already legendary Iroquois hero.
A scathing review by a jerk at the New York Times said THIS about the poem: "The song of Hiawatha is entitled to commendation" for "embalming pleasantly enough the monstrous traditions of an uninteresting, and, one may almost say, a justly exterminated race." However, "As a poem, it deserves no place" because there "is no romance about the Indian." He complains that Hiawatha's deeds of magical strength pall by comparison to the feats of Hercules and even to those of "Finn Mac Cool, that big stupid Celtic…