27 October 2010

The Grave & Beyond - Airs Oct 27th

The Dead Can’t Do You Nothin’ by Katie Mingle
Katie goes on a quest to find ghosts in a "pauper's graveyard" in New Orleans. Along the way, she meets a little boy who has lost his father, visits with some gravediggers who don't believe in ghosts, and of course learns some haunting lessons about life and death throughout her journey.

Showman's Rest by Shannon Heffernan
Forest Park is the last subway station on the Chicago's Blue Line. Famous for its multitude of graveyards, the suburb is quite literally the final stop for many Chicagoans. In a place with more dead residents than living ones, one particular grave site catches visitor's attention: Showman's Rest, a graveyard for circus performers from around the world. The story of the graveyard begins with a tragic circus train wreck in 1918.

The Sisters Fox from The Memory Palace
On March 31, 1848 two sisters, Katherine and Margaret Fox, ages 11 and 13, claimed they heard inexplicable rapping sounds emanating from a room in their farmhouse. Soon carriages lined up outside their home as people came to witness the sisters communicate with the spirit of a murdered peddler rumored to have been killed in the home some time earlier. We hear the story of these children as they go on to enjoy success as mediums. The Fox girls' public séances attracted notable people and the religious significance of communication with the deceased soon became apparent. Their powers quickly placed them at the forefront of the Spiritualism movement of 19th century America.

Allen Ginsberg reads 'Howl' - Airs Oct. 20

That's right, you angelheaded hipsters who listen to hydrogen jukeboxes, we're airing "Howl," the great Allen Ginsberg poem - in full.

13 October 2010

Haunted House - Airs Oct 13th

Ghost Hunter Walk-through by Jake Warga
We tag along with Jake and his Amateur Ghost Hunting group to an interview with some potential clients. Their goal is to determine if it’s worth doing an actual, involved investigation of the house. The house was built in 1919, they’ve been there 2 years. Claire has experienced numerous events, initially frightening her. She believes in ghosts. Rick does not - but confesses he doesn't have an explanation. All events happen at night. This is a very normal scenario: women are more likely than men to believe in ghosts ...and everything seems to happen at night.

Guardian of the Murder House by Michael Paul Mason
A retelling of a terrible crime, but also a profile of a man whose life is intimately affected by his ownership of a home which is ranked as one of the 50 most paranormal sites in America.
In the small town of Villisca, Iowa on June 10, 1912, an entire family and their two overnight guests were brutally murdered with an axe. The crime was never solved. With the help of the current owner, Darwin Linn, we retrace the tragic killings and bizarre aftermath.