11 August 2010

Stencil Pirates and other grafitti stories - Airs Aug. 11

If the sound of a spray paint can is enough to get you high, this is the show for you. On this graffiti-themed episode of "The Listening Lounge," we meet a stencil pirate, who unlike traditional hip-hop graffiti artists, pepper the urban landscape with stencil images. We also hang out with a 34-year-old graffiti artist who is worried that his passion doesn't fit his grown-up lifestyle — he's married with children. (Won't it be embarrassing to get bailed out of jail as a 30-something?) We'll also air a super-sly story by Callie Dean of Portland's KBOO Youth Collective on being arrested for marking up a bus shelter with erasable ink. (Who can blame her? It was Sunday. The bus wasn't coming. The marker was erasable ...)

There's more cool stuff too. Tune in ... if you're not already on the streets making the urban landscape a prettier place.

FYI: The story titled "Something Beautiful" was produced by Whitney Eulich of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Thanks, Whitney!

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