23 August 2010

The Fair - Airs Aug 25th

Since we'll be broadcasting on the eve of the Minnesota State Fair, we thought we'd prime you for some of the sounds you can be expecting the next few weeks. (We'll do our best on sights and smells too!)
First, Todd Melby introduces us to the Saint Paul Bouncing Team - a staple of the State Fair. Then Jason Rayles will take us to meet some farm animals, kiddie rides, everyone's-a-winner games, The Museum of World Oddities, a baby contest, a pig race, a demolition derby, fireworks, scary rides, and more. Plus, we'll hear a Memory Palace episode
that recounts the tale of the first Ferris Wheel and how it went from a thrill-ride and marvel that out-shone the Eiffel Tower to the humble staple of every county fair and amusement park midway.

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