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The Fair - Airs Aug 25th

Since we'll be broadcasting on the eve of the Minnesota State Fair, we thought we'd prime you for some of the sounds you can be expecting the next few weeks. (We'll do our best on sights and smells too!)
First, Todd Melby introduces us to the Saint Paul Bouncing Team - a staple of the State Fair. Then Jason Rayles will take us to meet some farm animals, kiddie rides, everyone's-a-winner games, The Museum of World Oddities, a baby contest, a pig race, a demolition derby, fireworks, scary rides, and more. Plus, we'll hear a Memory Palace episode that recounts the tale of the first Ferris Wheel and how it went from a thrill-ride and marvel that out-shone the Eiffel Tower to the humble staple of every county fair and amusement park midway.

Left for Dead - Airs Aug. 18

Among our favorite audio producers are the students at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies. On this show, we air three Salt stories, including "Left for Dead." Here's a description of that piece: On May, 27, 2008, two men broke into the Guerrette family’s home in the rural town of Pittston, Maine. They carried a machete. William Guerrette, a former state legislator, was severely wounded in the head during the break-in. So was his 10-year-old daughter. Now, two years after the incident the Guerrettes’ continue to beat back their fears. They struggle with traumatic brain injury. And perhaps worst of all, they realize their story may never have a happy ending. (Photo by Sarah Craig)

Stencil Pirates and other grafitti stories - Airs Aug. 11

If the sound of a spray paint can is enough to get you high, this is the show for you. On this graffiti-themed episode of "The Listening Lounge," we meet a stencil pirate, who unlike traditional hip-hop graffiti artists, pepper the urban landscape with stencil images. We also hang out with a 34-year-old graffiti artist who is worried that his passion doesn't fit his grown-up lifestyle — he's married with children. (Won't it be embarrassing to get bailed out of jail as a 30-something?) We'll also air a super-sly story by Callie Dean of Portland's KBOO Youth Collective on being arrested for marking up a bus shelter with erasable ink. (Who can blame her? It was Sunday. The bus wasn't coming. The marker was erasable ...)

There's more cool stuff too. Tune in ... if you're not already on the streets making the urban landscape a prettier place.

FYI: The story titled "Something Beautiful" was produced by Whitney Eulich of the Salt Institute …

Digital Drugs - Airs August 4th

"absolutely amazing.....tried it just now and feeling a little mind is stilll vibrating and am feeling euphoric....highly recommended....earlier tried cocaine and orgasm but didnt feel the effect i am feeling right now...heroin is awesome. thanks idose - raj"iTunes review, July 18, 2010

Word on the street (or rather the mainstream media) is that kids around the country are getting high on the internet. Specifically, MP3s that induce a state of intoxication. Those who want to try the "drugs" can purchase tracks that purportedly bring about the same effects of reefer, peyote, shrooms, opium, and the like. You can also try healing, awakening, sexual, or even religiousexperiences. So-called digital drugs combine two tones, one played in each ear, to create binaural beats that allegedly alter brain waves. Users are also advised to buy a 40-page manual so that they learn how to properly get high... Uff-da. Well, we are going to play one of these iDoses …