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Northwest Institute for Social Change - Airs June 30

College students participating in the Northwest Institute For Social Change's summer radio program will air their stories on this show.

Listening Lounge moves to Wednesdays

Listening Lounge will begin airing at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays beginning June 30. So reset your Lounge clock to this new time! See you soon.

Working - Airs June 28

This show centers on stories from the critically-acclaimed Working series.

We'll hang out with a miner in the Congo, a banker in London and a sex worker in Azerbaijan. The link to the entire Working series is here.

And then we relax with a lighter story. The story of how the CIA wired a cat to spy on the Soviets in DC parks. Weird, but true. It's from this LA producer named Nate DiMeo, who likes to produce obscure
historical stories called The Memory Palace.

Saving Jungle Souls + Memory Palace - Airs June 21

A sound-rich profile of Ataiba, chief of one of the last bands of nomads in the Americas, as he leaves the Bolivian jungle to live with evangelical missionaries. The story is told by Ataiba and the missionaries from starkly different points of view. Part of the Vanishing Homelands series, chronicling the dramatic changes to land and culture across the Americas. By Sandy Tolan and Nancy Postero.
We'll pair this documentary with a short feature from The Memory Palace, a public radio effort by Los Angeles-based producer Nate DiMeo. It's super cool. Listen in.

X Town x City X - Airs June 14th

X Town by Sean Cole
A documentary about the people who once lived in four towns destroyed to make way for a reservoir for the city of Boston. More than 2,000 people lived in those towns. Some of them are still beset by the memory of losing their homes; so haunted that they still try to hold onto their lost communities in whatever way they can.

City X by Jonathan Mitchell
A history of the modern shopping mall told through perspectives of people living in a real, yet anonymous, city. Using a rich audio mosaic of observations and ruminations, all scored to Muzak, the universal mall experience comes to life, for better or for worse.