31 May 2010

Memorial Day - Airs Memorial Day

Burial At Sea by Adam Allington
All across America today people are gathering at village greens, town halls, churches and cemeteries to remember those fallen in service of their country. Bill Bricker was a captain in the Marine Corps during WWII and was wounded during the campaign for Okinawa. For Bill, Memorial Day always invokes a particular memory that colors his observation of the holiday.

Jennie's Secret
by Linda Paul
Take a look at this picture above. Maybe you can figure out that the Civil War soldier on the right is a woman. But the guy sitting next to her sure couldn’t, and neither could the rest of her fellow soldiers. They didn’t conduct physical exams back in those days the way the military does now. The army’s policy, one observer quipped, was "don’t test the eyes, count ‘em."

I Have Not Yet Begun To Rot
from The Memory Palace
In which we hear the story of Revolutionary War hero, John Paul Jones, and the Civil War hero who found his coffin, 100 years after it had been lost in a Paris cemetery.

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