01 March 2010

Brainhilda, Dyana and Other Stories About Women - Airs March 8

Brainhilda and I
Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Carole Starr was a dedicated violinist, until a brain injury left her with a rare hearing disorder. Suddenly the music Carole loved dearly became something close to torture. concert, even though her body and mind pay dearly for it.

Dyana, Goddess of the Moose Hunt
Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
It all started out as a simple moose hunt...but a lot can go wrong.

Find out how this story was reported by listening to the Saltcast podcast.

Women in the Economy
World Vision Report
17 years ago, Somaliland declared itself independent from Somalia. But no other country has ever formally recognized Somaliland as a bonafide nation. That means it’s not eligible for international aid or loans. Many blame that lack of recognition for the fact that an estimated 90 percent of the men in the capital of Somaliland are unemployed. But Hargeisa’s marketplace bristles with activity. As Richard Lough reports, it’s women who run the businesses.

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