22 February 2010

Racial Cleansing in America + More - Airs Feb. 22

Four stories about race in America.

Racial Cleansing in America, by Center for Documentary Studies
Once in awhile you come across an American town or county that has long been virtually all-white, even though surrounding communities have substantial black populations. It may not always be an accident. In the six decades after the Civil War, in more than a few rural communities, white mobs violently expelled virtually all of their black neighbors. A new book, Buried in the Bitter Waters, describes a dozen of these racial expulsions. Among the places living with this uneasy history is Corbin, Kentucky, a small railroad town in the Appalachian foothills.

Living Flag, by Dmae Roberts
Street performance piece with Artist damali ayo as she panhandles around the country to create dialogue about reparations for slavery.

Black Word Nerds, by Will Wright
How do Black people think Anglos (white people) think they talk? A story by a KFAI producer.

A Prohibition, by Terin Mayer
Three students reflect on what it means to be "Black" at Carleton College in Minnesota.

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