09 January 2010

Time Marches On - Airs Jan. 11th

Grains of Sand, Pts. 1 & 2 by Joe Frank
First we will listen to an engaging and sobering look at the passing of time. Joe inquires about the consequences of placing roadblocks in time's path (none), examines the grains of sand in the hourglass of life, and explores the seas of oblivion.

He Has No Time
from Catalogue of Ships

We all have too much to do. We have no time. Are these real problems? Or are they badges we wear proudly? Do we invent crisis for the sake of making life more interesting? Like life, not all narratives are perfect, and so along the way we'll also hear a story about Samuel Becket and Israel Horovitz.

It's Just A Matter of Time by Ryan Scammell
People obsess with keeping things going even after their time.
Why can't we simply let go of the past? To figure this out, we'll look at the histories of Coney Island... and Liza Minnelli. Their rise to the top, and how, when they got there, they never came down. Worlds collide when one night when Liza plays a concert at Coney Island.


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