12 January 2010

Sounds of Science - Airs Jan. 18th

The Blue Morph by Claes Andreasson
Imagine ever so lightly touching a butterfly pupa, feeling the tiny agonizing movement inside. Transform those motions into sound, and you can listen to the butterfly's metamorphosis. This is exactly what nano scientist James Gimzewski did. And it's true: "it's not so easy to become a fabulous being."

Secret Worlds
by Delaney Hall
Chris Watson
, former member of Cabaret Voltaire, travels to remote parts of the planet to record distinct, delicate, extraordinary sounds you might never hear otherwise - like cheetahs purring or the Capercaillie’s intricate mating display. He's been busy sticking his microphone anywhere he can't put his ears since he was a little kid. For Chris, listening is complicated. It’s about hearing amazing sounds, for sure, but it’s also about memory, mindfulness, and ecology.

Listening To The Northern Lights by Barrett Golding
Steve McGreevy heads north, points his receiver at the sky, and listens to the aurora borealis. You can do that, if you have the right equipment. And Steve's got a van full. Producer Barrett Golding introduces us to "Natural Radio" - the sound of earth's magnetic field.

Antarctica by Douglas Quin
Finally, you'll hear hauntingly beautiful soundscapes of life in the coldest region of the planet by world-renowned field recordist Doug Quin. We'll tune-in to a world under the ice with songs of Weddell and Leopard Seals, Adelie and Emperor Penguins and the groaning of glaciers.


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