11 December 2009

What's A Meaningful Life? - Airs Dec. 14th

Marie's Crisis by Kevin T. Allen
Jim has been playing piano at an infamous bar for twenty-some years. He was trained young by his strict, religious, and
secretly-loving father to embrace music "Soli Deo Glorio" (only for the grace of God). Jim's dad could never approve of a musical career that wasn't religious and this weighed on the both of them for years. Yet Jim states, "What I do does good...it helps people get through things" and although a Christian's mission may be to proselytize, "you can't really do that without having a drink with the town whore."

Hard to Say by Bente Birkeland

Former state-park ranger Ed lives alone in a quiet, isolated area of Maine. At the age of 90, Ed reflects on his second marriage, revealing a relationship characterized by love, loss, loyalty, and uncertainty.

A Voice Of Warning by Anne Penman
A heroin overdose left Jade blind and mute and unable to take care of himself. Today he communicates with his head, tapping Morse code into a computer which generates his "voice." Trisha has been Jade's friend since his partying days and remained by his side through rehab. In the face of this consequence, Jade has gone from daily wishing he were dead to boldly being happier than he was before the tragedy.

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