28 December 2009

City X - Airs Dec. 28

We first aired City X in 2007. In recent weeks, I've listened to it again on the Radio Lab and Hearing Voices podcasts. And it's still worth hearing. So I thought I'd close out the decade with one of radio's best documentaries. Here's producer Jonathan Mitchell's description of the story: "City X is a history of the modern shopping mall through perspectives of people living in a real, yet unnamed, city. Using a sound rich audio mosaic of observations and ruminations, all scored to Muzak, the universal mall experience comes to life, for better or for worse. City X was commissioned by Hearing Voices radio with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting."

We'll also air a short feature from the Memory Palace, "in which Guglielmo Marconi, the Father of Radio, dreams of a super radio that would allow him to hear every sound ever made. Melancholy ensues."

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