12 November 2009

Look into the Future - Airs Nov. 16

Portrait of a Psychic as a Young Man by Katie Mingle
Nathan is just like any other teenager - except that he’s a Certified Energy Healer giving psychic advice over the internet. Plus, "the kid blows light bulbs." We find him trying to locate his lost Nintendo Gameboy and looking into his own future.

Crystal’s Ball by Tatiana Harrison
Next, we go home-shopping with “Future Crystal” in her old rivals’ neighborhood. Crystal is a gang-affiliated youth who’s been in juvenile hall and expelled from all district schools. Regardless, she envisions a day with steady job and buying a house with a husband. It’s a wonderful trip until she realizes the toll this goal will take on her other big dreams.

Genetic Fortune Teller by Neille Ilel
Most of the women in Neille’s family have died from cancer. So Neille visits Joyce, a genetic counselor, to have her family tree read and get tested for the "breast cancer gene." If a woman has this mutation, she's almost guaranteed to develop breast cancer and has an increased risk for ovarian cancer. Her mother does.

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